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2D CAD Drafting

As a complete building and land survey provider, we don’t outsource our deliverables. From the moment our surveyor sets foot on your site, our process has but one goal—to give you the outputs you want, in the format you want, to serve the purpose you want.

What is 2D Cad Drafting?

Point Cloud to 2D Conversion is a cutting-edge process that transforms raw laser scanning data from 3D laser scanning measurement data into detailed and accurate 2D AutoCAD drawings. These as-built plans serve as a foundational element for architects, engineers, and construction professionals, enabling precise design and planning.

Applications of 2D AutoCAD Drawings

Embracing BIM 3D modelling offers a spectrum of benefits:

Our Conversion 2D Auto Cad Drafting Process

Step 1: Point Cloud Data Collection

Using state-of-the-art 3D laser scanners, we capture comprehensive point cloud data of your site, ensuring every detail is recorded with precision.

Step 2: Data Processing and Cleanup

Our experts process and refine the collected data, removing any noise and irrelevant information to prepare for accurate conversion.

Step 3: Conversion to 2D AutoCAD Drawings

Step 3: Conversion to 2D AutoCAD Drawings

Step 4: Quality Assurance and Final Delivery

Every drawing undergoes rigorous quality assurance to guarantee accuracy. Final plans are then delivered, ready to be utilised in your project planning and execution.

Why Choose Geo Scan for Your Conversion Needs?

Ads a comprehensive measured survey services provider, Geo Scan stands at the forefront of point cloud processing and converting captured measured data on saite to 2D CAD plans, offering unparalleled accuracy, detail, and service. Our experienced team uses the latest technology to deliver tailor-made 2D AutoCAD drawings that meet and exceed industry standards.

The Importance of Accurate 2D Cad Drafting

Accurate as-built drawings are crucial for the success of any renovation, refurbishment, or construction project. They ensure that all subsequent planning and work are based on the true current state of the building, reducing the risk of errors and discrepancies.